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bayliner heyday wakeboat for sale

Heyday Boats for Sale

<h1>Heyday Boats</h1>

WHAT MAKES A GOOD WAKEBOARD WAKE? Tall, symmetrical, plenty of ‘pop’ (spring). WHAT’S THE GOAL OF A GOOD WAKEBOARD WAKE? Symmetry—allows the rider to use both sides. HOW DOES A HEYDAY CREATE A BETTER WAKEBOARD WAKE? By letting its innovative hull do the work with displacement + hull shape. HOW? Displacement for Wake Height: To increase the displacement, our standard integrated ballast tanks are filled with water to add weight and, in turn, push more of the boat’s hull into the water. Hull Shape equals Wake Shape: Heyday’s design uses: Bailing Strakes™ — The opposite of lifting strakes. They push/bail water out from beneath the boat minimizing the hull’s resistance to being pushed down, achieving more displacement. Wider Transom Angle — Achieves greater symmetry and helps cancel out prop torque, making the boat more balanced and less sensitive to passenger weight distribution.


Our original game changer…
the first truly affordable wake sports boat.

At just under 20 feet, the WT-1 is designed for maximum affordability, and fits easily in most garages. We eliminated unnecessary equipment and, instead, focused on a hull designed specifically to throw a massive wake for both wake surfing and wake boarding. Its unique center console puts the driver in the center of the social activity, while giving the boat some uniquely flexible seating options. It all combines to give you a serious wake boat without the serious price tag.

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